Adé Carrena


Adé Carrena bio- Born in Bénin, West Africa, Adé began her journey in America when she was adopted at 10 years old. Being raised in a puertorican household, she quickly realized that there was an intersection between West African food and Diasporic food. She is a Chef and storyteller who specializes in Neo-West African cuisine. Her mission is to bridge cultural gaps, reimagine west African food and create safe spaces for important conversation that spark healing across the diaspora. Through her company Dounou Cuisine, she has spent the past 5 years curating culinary experiences to highlight Black Food ways, to exchange culture and support local Black Farmers. She is also the owner of iLéWa Foods, a West African packaged food brand empowering women producers in Bénin and working to build a more equitable future by creating a socioeconomic exchange between powerful women and global markets. It is through her own journey of reclaiming her identity and understanding her heritage that the “Wa Mi Dounou” Collective was born as a way of breaking barriers, reclaiming our narrative and building a bridge between Africans and the Diaspora.

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